Appealing for a boarding school, to escape violence at home

“Anna” from Tanzania wrote this blog wrote this blog after attending the RIATT-ESA sponsored Children and Youth Conference at the 2017 Psychosocial Forum.

In 2014, my father made the inexplicable decision that I should not continue into Standard Seven. He said I was too young. Despite having passed my entry exams, I should still repeat Standard Six.

My father then neglected to pay my fees and buy school uniform until I left home to leave with my mother in a different town. When I eventually entered standard seven I got pregnant and later gave birth to my daughter. I then continued with my studies in high school.

From then I have continued to experience violence, abuse and neglect from my father. At times, he yells at me, saying I should leave home because I got pregnant when in school. The situation makes me feel so bad to the extent that my grades are falling.

I appeal to the government, a non-governmental organization, or any kind person to help me find a boarding school. Please hear my voice and help me. I know that when I am comfortable there my grades will improve.

I also appeal to all parents that if your daughter becomes pregnant while still at school, please let her continue to study because she still has dreams to fulfil. Also, please continue to love her, just like any other child.