Child trafficking in Southern Africa

Human Trafficking or the modern slavery is still big problem in Southern Africa. Despite the efforts of SADC and its state member, associated to the Civil Society Organizations movement to combat the problem, many children and youth are trafficked and deprived for their dignity and rights as human beings.

Children are recruited and forced to engage in commercial sex industry, with devasting consequences, including long lasting physical and psychological trauma, disease (including HIV/AIDS), drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy, malnutrion, social ostracism and death. Others purposes of trafficking of children in the region are for forced labour, forced marriage, domestic servitude, use in armed conflicts as soldiers.

Migrant children from Mozambique and Zimbabwe work in exploitative and physical threats in South African farms. Some children are exploited in their own countries in big plantations or informal mining services. Some children legally engage in certain forms of work in streets of their countries of origin and are vulnerable to exploitation by adults (eg. forced begging) and to be trafficked.

Many children are used as domestic workers in private residences in vulnerable situation and without a right to leave the employment and attend school. They are underpaid and victims of abuse. Girls are forced to change school by marriage, worsening their situation in terms of gender balance.

Human trafficking is a modern slavery and crime against humanity.

Stop Child Trafficking in Southern Africa!


RIATT-ESA Partner SANTAC mission is to build synergies amongst Southern Africa institutions and individuals to fight against all manifestations of child abuse, in particular child sexual and commercial exploitation, child labour and trafficking of children for any purpose, through lobby and advocacy, protection, law reform, rehabilitation and care services for victims.

For more information, contact: Paula Mondlane SANTAC Programme manager.