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Social Service Workforce Week 2015

The aim of Social Services Workforce Week 2015, is to raise awareness and increase engagement and interest in workforce strengthening initiatives. Each day, the Global social services work force alliance will be posting  a blog with a link to resources and information related to that day theme. To see blogs and resources from the social service work force from different countries click here, or follow them on twitter @SSWAlliance.  

In partnership with the Coalition for children affected by HIV, RIATT-ESA released a new call to action. It includes critical action steps needed to provide children, adolescents and carers affected by HIV and AIDS in eastern and southern Africa with the focused attention required to turn the tide on HIV.  One of the action steps includes the need to replicate and scale up existing policy initiatives that provide support and remuneration to community level care providers. Click here to read the call to action “Strengthen support for primary caregivers and community level care providers.”