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Human rights Day

Human Rights Day in South Africa is celebrated on March 21st each year and commemorates the sacrifices to attain democracy in South Africa. The nation is reminded of the struggles as well as the progress made over the years to bring about human rights for all.

Although much progress has been made towards better human rights for all, a renewed focus is needed on the rights of children and youth in the protection of the effects and drug use. There is a serious drug problem in South Africa undermining children and youth rights. The high rates of drug use in South Africa is having devastating effects on the rights, welfare and health of children and youth. Children and youth are harmed through early exposure and drug use, parents’ drug dependence, drug-related violence, exploitation in trafficking, and in many other ways. There is also a link between drug abuse and HIV acquisition.

This video blog by youth advocate Unarine Khadammbi, speaking at a RIATT-ESA sponsored children and youth conference calls for action to end youth substance abuse in South Africa.

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