Alliance Ambassador Program

The Alliance is launching a new Ambassador program. A cohort of up to 10 Ambassadors will be selected to serve an initial two-year term. 

The Alliance Ambassador Program aims to provide individuals working in or with the social service workforce the opportunity to become a leader, inform strategy and influence policy at the local, national and regional level in support of social service workforce strengthening efforts. Ambassadors will also play a leading role in growing awareness and interest in the work of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance to plan, develop and support the social service workforce. 

The Alliance will provide support throughout the two-year Ambassador term, holding regular meetings to discuss challenges and share promising practices for advocating and increasing awareness of this workforce. The Alliance will also bring the cohort of Ambassadors together for an initial three-day orientation in September 2016. Funding is available from the Alliance to support selected Ambassadors’ travel to attend the in-person meeting, based upon need.
Composition of the first cohort of up to 10 Ambassadors will reflect a range of geographic regions as well as stakeholder groups such as academic, training and research institutions; civil society groups; foundations; government representatives; non-governmental organizations (including other networks); corporations; professional associations, and United Nations agencies. 

The Alliance will accept both peer nominations and self-nominations. Nominees must be a member prior to submission of the nomination. Click here to become a member. 

You can submit completed application materials for yourself or a colleague (CV, letter of interest and 3 references) by email to the Alliance by February 29, 2016

Click here for more information on the Alliance Ambassador Program

The mission of the Alliance is to promote the knowledge and evidence, resources and tools and political will and action needed to address key social service workforce challenges, especially within low- to middle-income countries. Launched in 2013, the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance has grown to include 775 individual members in 75 countries.