New Leaders Foundation Vacancy - Data Analyst

New Leaders Foundation (NLF) is a not for profit company that is committed to transforming South African education. The organisation is looking to employ someone who can conduct and lead the intelligence of the organisation. The Data Driven Districts (DDD) Programme is currently NLF’s flagship programme. The aim of the project is to improve learner outcomes by improving the way key educational data is collected and used by officials in the education system to support schools and teachers more effectively.

Context of Opportunity

The DDD project contains within it a vast amount of data and information regarding software usage, data quality, project progress and other monitoring and evaluation data. NLF requires an individual who is skilled in data analytics and interpretation for the organisation’s internal and external reporting and for overall DDD Programme insights generation.

Senior Data Analyst High-Level Responsibilities Include

  • Develop and hold the intelligence of the DDD project.
  • Interpret data, analyse results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.
  • Develop and implement data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.
  • Complete internal and external project analytics such as impact analysis, hypothesis testing, etc.
  • Interpreting project analytics and insights with respect to national policy and plans.

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