Call for Expressions of Interest: To develop a position paper on the funding for children in SADC Member States, including the private sector.

Description of Service: Review of the funding position for children in SADC Member States, including the private sector.

 Expected start date: 23th January 2019

Expected Completion date: 22th February 2019

Reporting to: Advocacy Technical Working Group through the RIATT-ESA Programme Manager

Location of Assignment: Johannesburg, with consultations in the SADC Member States


Background and Justification:

The foundational, game-changing component of any national effort to create better outcomes for the next generation is through the provision of more local funding for children and youth, particularly the most vulnerable. The vast majority of governments simply do not provide enough public resources to fund programmes for children and youth at a scale that meets their needs. Whether funding is increased through attracting greater contributions from the private or civic sector, through reallocating existing public resources in a designated yearly set-aside, or through leading a political effort to generate new public resources, the unavoidable truth is that achieving better results for children is extremely difficult without more money being devoted to the cause. Successfully procuring greater public funding for children and youth is a significant political challenge, but unless this battle is fought and won, local efforts will have an impact only at the margins. To make this case effectively it is necessary to have a good understanding of the current level of resources being provided by public and private sectors to meet the needs of children, particularly the most vulnerable.



 Aim of the Study:

The consultant will be required to conduct comprehensive consultations to develop a position paper on the state of public and private funding for children in SADC Member States.

 Scope of this assignment / Detailed Activities and Tasks

The consultant will undertake research and develop a comprehensive report, which will include the following components:

  •  Executive summary with key recommendations;

  • Introduction;

  • Description of the current funding landscape for children and youth in SADC and Member States, including by public and private sectors. This will include a breakdown by main sectors as outlined in SADC’s OVCY Minimum Package of Services;

  • Description of what are the main children’s issues that are funded and where the funding is coming from for each of the issues to motivate the corporate to increase funding where there are gaps.

  • Clear recommendations, which should include:

- Core principles;

-Policy review and implementation;

-Recommendations for what a more detailed study should investigate

-Ways to ensure an increase in direct funding methods; and

-Ways to ensure sustainable funding transformation


Consultation with stakeholders:

Consult with key and relevant stakeholders at national level in the SADC Member States to derive a position on funding for children and young people.



This assignment has 4 deliverables:

  1. Inception Report

  2. Stakeholder consultations in the SADC Region

  3. Presentation of workable suggestions that could improve the quality /effectiveness of the implementation of such a position paper

  4. Position paper on funding for children and recommendations on what can be done to improve the status quo and / or harness the available resources.


Required qualifications, desired competencies, technical background and experience. The consultant(s) will require the following skills:

  • The Consultant should have a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline.

  • The Consultant should have extensive operational experience in the field of transformation, resource mobilization and governance.

  • The Consultant should be knowledgeable of practical challenges and opportunities, specifically on resource mobilisation. Ideally, the Consultant should have direct practical experience in providing technical assistance on resource mobilisation and governance.

  • The ideal candidate will have strong organisational ability, excellent writing skills and a strong command of English.

  • Experience with a record of delivering high-quality documents and reports within strict time frames will be required.



Potential candidates are requested to submit the following to cc by the 21st January 2018. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

  • A cover letter outlining your skills and experience

  • CV

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