PATA Promising Practices of HIV Adherence and Support for your People Living with HIV

PATA has recently published a series of promising practices of HIV adherence and support for your people living with HIV. These series highlights the calls for:

  • Health care provider sensitisation, to improve treatment of adolescents to make them feel appreciated, accepted and respected.
  • Care giver support, a crucial part of improving adolescents mental health, adherence and resilience.
  • A renewed focus on peer support, as AYPLHIV are well-placed to understand, support and respond to the needs of other young people in their communities. 
  • HIV and SRH services that are comprehensive, amongst others this should include psychosocial support and family planning services.

Click on the links below to read the full papers.

PATA Employment Opportunity- Senior Programmes Manager

PATA Employment Opportunity- Senior Programmes Manager

The Senior Programmes Manager (SPM) is responsible for leading PATA programmes and provides additional support in fundraising and donor/ stakeholder liaison. The SPM is responsible for coordinating, supporting and expanding existing PATA programmes. Central to the role is providing support to the PATA Programme Managers (PM), improving programme quality and coordinating the implementation and reporting of all PATA programmes.