Africa Platform for Social Protection

The African Platform for Social Protection (APSP) is a network of individuals and organizations operating at sub-national, national and regional levels, with a commitment to promoting and strengthening the social contract between states and citizens. This is done through promotion of active engagement of African civil society in the shaping of social protection policies, programmes, and practices in 25 countries in Africa.

To achieve this, APSP has adopted a range of strategies, including:

  • Fostering national discussions on social protection aimed at developing national consensus on what constitutes workable, home-grown approaches.
  • Creating awareness on the urgency of adopting social protection approaches in order to respond to the more intractable challenge of poverty and vulnerability
  • Carrying out training for several CSO representatives on identification of, and responding to, social protection needs.
  • Establishing collaborative partnerships with a cross-section of institutions, donors, and professionals with a stated interest in addressing the challenge of poverty and vulnerability in Africa.

Our mission

APSP exists to strengthen civil society engagement with the articulation, formulation and implementation of social protection policies and programmes in Africa.