Southern Africa community systems strengthening (CSS) framework

Southern Africa community systems strengthening (CSS) framework.pdf

In May 2010 the Global Fund (GF) finalized a Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) framework that provides a meaningful guide to strengthening community systems, including definitions, principles, service delivery areas, activities and key indicators.

However, the GF CSS framework falls short of regional contextualization and the elaboration of strategy to address the many competing interests and power imbalances at play in communities across the region.

The Southern Africa CSS Framework uses the Global Fund CSS framework as its foundation but argues for an appreciation of the challenges, nuances and peculiarities of the Southern African region since this is the region at the epicentre of the epidemic. Implicit within the regional CSS framework are four core elements: community systems; CSO capacity development and sustainability; integration agenda; philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

This Framework is a resource to be used to address the unique and individual needs of communities in the Southern African region and is intended to compliment the resources developed by the Global Fund, WHO, UNAIDS and others at various levels