Adopting better care: Improving adoption services around the world

Positive care choices series

This is the third working paper in EveryChild'€™s series of papers promoting positive care choices for children living without parental care by providing an evidence base on a range of care options and decision-making processes. It examines domestic and inter-€‘country adoption and aims to explore why adoption is so rarely used globally.

The paper also explores whether or not an expansion of adoption services could offer a potential solution to the millions of children around the world in need of permanent care and currently languishing in harmful institutions. It is based on a literature review and interviews with experts from around the world.

Policy recommendations from the research include: prioritising the prevention of loss of family care in the first place; developing clear policies and guidance on domestic and inter-country adoption; ensuring children in need of permanent care have adoption or other forms of permanent or long term alternative family-based care as an option; improve decision making on the balance between expediency and being thorough on adoption decisions; and development of a child welfare workforce and legal system to support these recommendations.

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