Youth voices: A social media toolkit. What would you #askyouth affected by HIV

Youth voices: A social media toolkit 

Youth voices: What would you #askyouth affected by HIV



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Children’s voices are often left out of policy and programming. In order to listen to the issues children are facing and be an advocate for children RIATT-ESA is partnering with REPSSI to host a children’s forum in Victoria Falls. Fifty children affected by HIV from thirteen countries in Eastern and Southern Africa are attending the forum to discuss the burning issues they are facing in their communities.

During the children’s forum RIATT-ESA will be interviewing children on how HIV has affected their psychological and social development.

Join the conversation by sharing a question you would like us to ask the youth and follow the hash tag #askyouth and #PSSforum2015 on twitter to see the answers from the children.

This toolkit of data, solutions and key messages can be used to influence your followers and community to take action and invest in children.

Social Media Graphics: RIATT-ESA photo Exhibition #childrensVoices

Fact Sheets: Time to step up and prioritize children and adolescents!

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RIATT-ESA is the regional voice for children affected by HIV. Go to the RIATT-ESA website to find out how to become a partner.  

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