Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free: On the Super-Fast Track to ending AIDS in Children, Adolescents and Young Woman in 2020

Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free is a framework launched in 2016 by UNAIDS and PEPFAR that builds on the Global Plan to Eliminate Mother to Child Transmission, which ended in 2015. The framework seeks to expand and consolidate the progress on vertical transmission created by the Global Plan while adding emphasis on primary prevention among adolescents and young women and on pediatric treatment.

The Regional Inter-agency Task Team-Eastern and Southern Africa (RIATT-ESA), working on behalf of children and adolescents and their families, encourages national governments as well as national, regional and international stakeholders to pursue the objectives of the Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free framework and the 2016 High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS with the urgency they deserve as they set policies, allocate resources, and design programs. They should use a comprehensive approach that includes medical and social interventions, as well as economic and psychological support to help children avoid, survive, and overcome HIV and its impacts.

Click here to download the RIATT-ESA Start Free, Stay Free AIDS Free advocacy brochure.