Retrak Enumerating Street Children Oct2014.pdf

Understanding the size of the street children population in a city or country can help inform the policy and practice designed to assist these children.

It can also form a baseline from which to track the impact of interventions and enable learning about the quality and appropriateness of interventions. This information is greatly lacking at the moment and many studies that do exist are not able to establish the accuracy or reliability of their results. This paper presents an approach to counting children on the streets which is methodologically reliable and accurate and takes into account the challenges of such an undertaking.

This paper is a contribution to building the evidence base of good practice in determining the number and characteristics of street children. Our aim is to outline an approach to counting children on the streets that is methodologically reliable and accurate and take into account the challenges outlined above.


Retrak Outreach Work Oct2014.pdf



This paper outlines principals of outreach work with street or homeless children. 

These principals include: Following a rights based aproach; Understanding each child and his/her situation; building relationships; being flexible; building in reflection and ensurging staff care and protection. 


These principles provide the foundation to which outreach workers can return as they apply Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in their work. The aim in using this SOPs is to get to know children on the streets and begin to build trusting relationships with them, so that they can be safer on the streets and choose to access further services which could lead them to an alternative to street life.