Webinar:Preventing Early and Unintended Pregnancies Amongst Young Women in Africa, Turning Dialogues into Action.

Co-hosted by RIATT-ESA and Save The Children Sweden Regional Hub, this webinar series explores the findings of the research and examines the implications for programmes and advocacy. Starting a dialogue that aims to inspire action in the promotion of universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for all women and girls in Africa.

Ending child marriage through influencing pop culture in Mozambique

Ending child marriage through influencing pop culture in Mozambique

REPSSI in Mozambique is looking to turn the tide on child marriage by influencing popular culture through music. This song produced by REPSSI shows the impact child marriage has on girls. Taking a girl from innocent play to being expected to carry the traditional responsibilities of a wife. The song highlights the emotional trauma of social isolation, emotional abuse and violence that child brides are often subjected to.

RIATT-ESA Children's Photo Exhibition

In 2011, children from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda used disposable cameras to take pictures that illustrate the role they play in their home and community, and the kind of support that they receive from their communities.

Entitled "What I do for my community, what my community does for me", the photo exhibition emphasises the importance of community-level action in the care and support for children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS. By giving children the opportunity to show how they also contribute to their communities, the exhibition helps to empower children and dispel the assumption that African children are powerless victims of the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The exhibition is being showcased at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC in July 2012.

Duration: 4:27

I care do you? Young people we care!

Digital Story by Best Ndhlovu

Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. In an effort to inspire a different kind of story telling - one that offers a meaningful experience to the story tellers and promotes understanding, accountability, and civic action among its targeted audience, Oxfam Canada supported a collaborative 12 month digital story telling programme between Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS) and Women'sNet, with the aim of applying digital stories to the documentation of good practices in HIV and gender programming, in order to enhance their impact, as well as building ICT skills in communities.

This story focuses on ways to empower young people with the skills to support their communities in era of HIV and AIDS.

Duration: 6:13

REPSSI: Transforming Teachers, Unlocking Potential

A five minute video, featuring the voices of teachers across Africa who found their view of children transformed after psychosocial training from REPSSI and our partners.

In their own words, hear how these teachers have moved away from using corporal punishment, and become more caring, and more attuned to the needs of their students.

Schools play an immense role in the lives of students, and these testimonies demonstrate the potential of teachers and schools to provide critical care and support to their students.

For this reason, REPSSI has chosen to invest in the development of an accredited Teacher's Certificate in psychosocial support, specifically for practising teachers, to equip them to realise the potential of children in their school and communities.

Read more on www.repssi.org

Duration: 5:49

Why the 2014-2020 EU budget must have children at its heart - 1 budget, 7 years, 2 billion children

The EU budget 2014-2020 will lock in the EU's policy priorities and spending limits, shaping the future of EU development assistance. If the EU is to meet its poverty eradication targets, this budget must have children at its heart. Child rights and gender must be identified as a cross-cutting theme of EU development cooperation, with at least 20% of EU aid earmarked for health and basic education.

Go to www.plan-eu.org for more information.

Duration: 1:34