Ending child marriage through influencing pop culture in Mozambique

Child marriage is a global issue found in every region in the world. There are approximately 700 million women around the world today who were married as girls. This human rights violation that robs girls of their childhood and puts them at risk of early pregnancy, social isolation and domestic violence. Child marriage often interrupts girls schooling compromising their development and limiting her future opportunities.  

Ending child marriage in Mozambique faces its unique set of challenges. According to Unicef, Mozambique has the 10th highest rate of child marriage globally. Higher prevalence is found in rural areas than urban areas, with over 55% of girls married before 18 and nearly a quarter before 15 in the northern provinces. Traditional practices, culture, poverty, illiteracy and teenage pregnancy are some of the drivers or closely linked to child marriage in the country.

REPSSI in Mozambique is looking to turn the tide on child marriage by influencing popular culture through music. This song produced by REPSSI shows the impact child marriage has on girls. Taking a girl from innocent play to being expected to carry the traditional responsibilities of a wife. The song highlights the emotional trauma of social isolation, emotional abuse and violence that child brides are often subjected to.

“Stop child marriages, that are killing future dreams. A child cannot be a mother.”


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