About us

Working together for vulnerable children

RIATT-ESA partners at the RIATT-ESA partners meeting, June 2014, in Johannesburg, South Africa

RIATT-ESA is a unique, multi-sectoral partnership of organisations focusing on the care and support for children affected by AIDS in eastern and southern Africa. RIATT-ESA was formed in 2006 between regional political and economic bodies, civil society organisations, academia, donors and UN agencies in response to the Global Partners Forum recommendations to set up Regional Interagency Task Teams on Children.

Creating change for children

The 2008 Dar Conference convened to push for renewed commitment to the 2001 UNGASS Declaration gave RIATT-ESA its critical momentum. The outcomes of the Conference were formulated in a consultative and unifying process, with the participation of children and remain relevant today:

  •  Keep parents and children living with HIV alive and well
  •  Strengthen families and communities as units for prevention, care and support
  •  Increase effectiveness of programmes, services and funding
  • Human rights for vulnerable children

How we work

  • RIATT-ESA works to promote coordination and harmonization of policy guidance and planning through advocacy and knowledge management;
  • It works to advocate on evidence based good and promising practices through support or adding value to research and documentation efforts and regional knowledge management;
  • It promotes the development and sharing of technical and programming information through providing platforms such as partners meeting and conferences, as well as presenting at other key meetings in the region (and globally);
  • It seeks to link to other networks, partners and processes in the region, as well as at country level, and link upwards to Global and African level partners and processes.