Stop Discrimination and Harassment of Children with Disabilities

Neema Makoye from Tanzania wrote this blog after attending the RIATT-ESA sponsored Children and Youth Conference at the 2017 Psychosocial Forum.

I was born in 1995 with physical disabilities. I first met discrimination when I attended primary school at aged 7. Both the teacher and students thought that I could not do anything due to my disability.

Nevertheless, I excelled in my studies but when I reached grade 7 I faced a very big health challenge that made me loose hope. The head teacher denied me clearance to sit for my mock and national examinations. It hurt me so much and I felt that the society had discriminated against me.

After that God helped me and I sat for my examinations and completed primary school in 2009. Unfortunately, I was not able to proceed to secondary school.

This time, I did not lose hope and enrolled into the Vocational Training Centre for the disabled at Yombo. I am happy to report that I am doing well with the tailoring, catering and weaving skills that I acquired. It is important for society to afford disabled children the same opportunities as the rest of the children.