The Children and Youth Conference

The Children and Youth Conference, August 2019, Windhoek Namibia.

Ahead of the bi-annual Psychosocial Support Forums (PSS Forum), REPSSI in partnership with RIATT-ESA hosts a Children and Youth Conference for children and youth from the region. The conference is a platform for children and youth to engage and share their experiences and lessons among themselves and subsequently with the main forum.

Through involving children and youth in matters concerning them REPSSI and RIATT-ESA have been able to embrace children and youth realities in enhancing its technical capacity in responding to the issues concerning mental health and psychosocial care and support concerns. It is critical that REPSSI and RIATT-ESA continuously learn from and with children and youth in order to sustain the achievement gained for their psychosocial and mental wellbeing.

Objectives of the Children and Youth Conference

• Allow children from different backgrounds and experiences, networks and platforms to share experience, lessons and ways of addressing challenges they face to each other.

• Work with children and be able to package the information and lessons in a way that can be adapted for implementation and advocacy. This will include things such as advocacy messages, ways in which children and youth can contribute to their protection and development.