The Children and Youth Conference

The bi-annual Children and Youth Forum, 24 to 26 August 2019, Windhoek Namibia.

Ahead of the 5th Psychosocial Support Forum (PSS Forum), happening on the 27-29 August 2019, REPSSI in partnership with RIATT-ESA and other co-hosts are hosting the bi-annual Children and Youth Forum. The Youth Forum will bring together children and youth from its 13 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa to discuss key issues that affect them, their families and communities. The conference aims to equip the young delegates with advocacy and communication skills and provide a platform for youth to engage and share their experiences and lessons among themselves and subsequently with the 5th PSS Forum.

Objectives of the 2019 Children and Youth Conference

  • Allow children from different backgrounds and experiences, networks and platforms to share experience, lessons and ways of addressing challenges they face to each other.

  • Develop youth advocacy skills to enable them to package information and lessons in a way that can be shared with policy makers, decision makers and other stakeholders.

Call for Children and Youth Forum Co-hosts

Do you want to have a panel of children and youth discuss a specific area of interest from your organisation?

This year the Children and Youth forum hosts are looking at innovative ways of bringing in additional partners to co-host. We are availing this unique platform, with youth participants from all over Eastern and Southern Africa, to organisations wishing to have children and youth engage and discuss a specific topic of interest to them as an organization, to allow for a Youth regional perspective. REPSSI therefore invites organisations to purchase a half-day session for this purpose.

In addition to supporting the Children and Youth forum, this method of co-hosting will broaden the scope of youth discussions at the forum and subsequently the advocacy carried forward into the main PSS forum and by youth at country level.

For more information contact with CC and

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Regional and international conferences are spaces that often tend to exclude children and youth. Children’s participation capacity development is an important part of RIATT-ESA and REPSSI Strategy. Through these forums we continuously learn from and with children and youth in order to sustain the achievement gained for their psychosocial and mental wellbeing.