Long distance truck drivers and HIV/AIDS in Uganda: Synthesis of information and evidence to inform the response


Long distance truck drivers are listed in the Uganda National HIV Prevention Strategy as most at risk populations (MARPs) – groups which have a higher than average risk of acquiring HIV.

 The level of HIV among long distance truck drivers is high, chiefly because their lifestyle provides many opportunities for risky sexual behaviour, and because they have limited access to HIV prevention, testing and counselling, and healthcare.

There is a need for a much larger and more coordinated effort by a wide range of organisations and groups to develop, resource, and implement policies to reduce and counter the effects of HIV/AIDS in long distance truck drivers, and to provide programmes and services. In the absence of policies, programmes and services to counter HIV/AIDS, many countries, including Uganda, will continue to be hard-hit by the epidemic, with the suffering, loss of life and falling productivity this entails.