The African Report on Violence against Children


The African Report on Violence against Children_Final- Low Res.pdf

African children subject to 'alarming' levels of violence

Children across Africa face unacceptably high levels of physical, sexual and emotional violence at home, at school and in the streets, researchers specialising in children's rights said on Wednesday.

This African report on violence against children summarises the findings of studies conducted by the African Child Policy forum (ACPf) in ethiopia, Kenya, mali, malawi, morocco, uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and incorporates information from a wide variety of other sources. 

The report aims to inform and accelerate pan-African, regional and national efforts to prevent and respond to the violence perpetrated against children. its continent-wide focus on the experiences of African children is unique, as is its analysis of the interaction and effect of African beliefs, behaviours and attitudes on violence committed against children. The report also aims to recognise and highlight progress achieved to date not only in the evolving understanding of the problem, but also in relation to improved actions for prevention and response.

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